Benefits Of Aloe Vera Gel

Benefits of aloe vera gel
Aloe Vera gel is proved to be the best when you wish to treat any beauty, skin or weight related issues. The benefits of aloe vera gel are endless. If you wish to use it on the skin, then an allergy test or in simple terms, a patch test is advised and required to avoid any kind of outbreaks or reactions. For a patch test, take a small amount of aloe vera gel and apply it on the skin. Keep it for sometime and wash it after it is completely dried up. Wait for around 24 hours to check whether you have any kind of reaction on the tested area. If there is no reaction, then you can use it daily according to the requirement, otherwise do not use the gel on your skin. There are very rare chances that aloe vera gel may not suit someone's skin.

Benefits Of Aloe Vera

  • For minor burns, you can use the gel around 2-3 times a day. This remedy might take sometime but it is very effective as it will also remove the marks from the affected skin area. 
  • If you are dealing with obesity, then drinking aloe vera juice daily on empty stomach will help you to get rid of fats to a longer extent. 
  • Aloe vera gel also helps in reducing diabetes.  Aloe vera is really bitter in taste, so it is not easy for someone to eat it. But if you dealing with high diabetes, then try to have a small amount of raw aloe vera leaf daily to bring down your sugar levels. 

                 Benefits Of Aloe Vera Gel For Skin

  • Aloe vera helps in soothing sunburns. Take some gel and apply on the affected area before going to the bed. Keep it overnight and wash it off with cold water in the morning. Repeat this process daily till the affected area gets treated completely. 
  • It can be used and applied as a moisturizer if your have a dry skin. Use it daily as a moisturizer and your skin will no longer be dry. In fact, it will turn more soft and glowing. 
  • If you feel that you have an itchy skin,and you have redness, then apply the gel daily to get rid of this issue. 
  • It can be used to get rid of open pores. Use it daily before going to the bed. Wash it off with cold water. You need to do this daily to get completely rid of open pores. 
  • Make a DIY face mist using Aloe vera gel + water. Whenever your skin feels dull or tired, you can spray this directly on the skin. Let it dry naturally. Your skin will feel very hydrated and fresh. 
  • It reduces the visibility of wrinkles, fine lines and also the premature signs of ageing. 
  • Use the gel around your eyes to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles.
  • Rub one slice of aloe vera on your face daily. This will help you in getting a glowing and brightening skin. 
  • If you deal with sensitive skin or if  your skin starts reacting when exposed to dust or sunlight, apply a layer of gel on your skin. The dust will not stick on your skin and it will help in avoiding sunburns. Do not apply any sunscreen or moisturizer after applying the gel. 
Benefits of aloe vera for skin

Benefits Of Aloe Vera Gel For Hair

  • Take a nice amount of aloe vera gel and apply it on your scalp and also your hair length. This will help in treating dandruff, oily scalp, dry and frizzy hair. 
  • Make a DIY hairspray, using aloe vera gel, water, one vitamin E capsule and some rose water. After washing your hair, use this spray before your hair get completely dried up. 
Benefits of aloe vera gel for hair