Different Types Of Sleeves

Types of sleeves
Sleeves are always considered as one of the most important part of the garment because many people see sleeve design first and then choose the garment for purchase. Sleeves should always be fit and comfortable to wear as well. Fashion of sleeves always keeps on changing from time to time. Some types of sleeves look good with western attire and some look good with Indian attire.

Types Of Sleeves

                                       1.Raglan Sleeves

These sleeves come in various lengths. They are very popular among Bodycon dresses, casual tops and T-shirts. These sleeves are an extension of the shoulder with an inseam that runs from the underarms. 

Raglan sleeves

                                  2.Kimono Sleeves

These sleeves are inspired by the Japanese traditional attire. It looks similar to bathrobes. These sleeves are very wide, long and loose. This sleeve is now in demand and gives an attractive look for both western and Indian attires. It is best suited for blouses, tops and dresses, both long and short.

Kimono sleeve

3.Bishop Sleeves

The origin of this sleeve is the old bishop style dresses and shirts which were to be seen in dramas. It has taken many forms to fit the modern contemporary world. These sleeves are full length, which are open at the up side and fit at the elbow side and then again open as they move down the wrist. They form a cuff at the end with the buttons. They are best suited for western tops and one piece dresses. 

Bishop sleeves

4.Off-Shoulder Sleeves

These sleeves are open and start from little below the shoulder bone. Their demand has been decreased for a while now. They come in all length and sizes. They are best suited for blouses, one pieces and tops.

off shoulder sleeves

5.Butterfly Sleeves

They are a combination of cap sleeves and puffed sleeves. They are small extensions to the shoulder. They seem perfect for deep neck tops, dresses, kurtis and blouses. 

butterfly sleeve

6.Puffed Sleeves

Puffed sleeves are short sleeves which are gathered to give it a puffed look. They go really well with traditional sarees, short dresses, shirts and tops. Usually the girls who do not feel confident with their arms, do not wear puffed sleeves. 

Puffed sleeves

7.Angel Sleeves

These sleeves give a look like wings of a fairy.This is the inspiration behind this sleeve. They look different with every length of the sleeve. They look best with attires that have high necks- both Indian and western attires. 

angel sleeves

8.Cuff Sleeves

These sleeves are rolled up that come with buttons or an inbuilt fold. These sleeves started with rolled up sleeves, but then many variations were added up in this type of sleeve. This sleeve goes best with kurtis or any types of western tops. 

cuff sleeves

9.Bell Sleeves

These sleeves come in any length and these sleeves give similar look to bell-bottom pants. They are straight from the starting and at the end they give a bell like end. They go best with any Indian or western attire. 

bell sleeve

10.Long Sleeves

These sleeves cover the entire hand until the wrist. They give a very charming look when it is worn. They give your arm an elongated look. It looks great with blouses, bridal dresses, one piece dresses, shirts or any other western type dress.

long sleeves