Different Ways Of Draping A Saree

Saree is the most ethnic and elegant attire one can wear at any occassion. At the same time not everyone will drape the saree in the same old way. Also cultures and traditions define various different draping styles. These cultural drapes are common for most kind of sarees like silk sarees or designer sarees. 

                      1.Pleated Saree Drape

This is considered as one of the most common drapes in India. It works perfectly for every type of saree be it, in Bridal Kanjeevaram saree or any heavy designer saree. It is mostly pleated through a cotton saree. When this saree drape is done with a high neck blouse, it gives a perfect look to the person wearing it. 

Pleated saree drape

2. Floaty Or A Casual Drape

This is one of the easiest drape one can carry off. Pattu sarees, light weight sarees, net sarees are the different kinds of sarees that can be draped using a pin or a brooch securing the pallu. If you are going as a wedding guest, this could be a great choice as you will look casual as well as comfortable in those heavy sarees. When you drape a saree which has a thin fabric like chiffon, or georgette, try to wear a back open blouse or a zipper blouse to look different. Front open blouses do not give a nice effect in this type of drape. 

Casual saree drape

3. Gujarati Style Drape

This is a very popular drape style. It is traditionally worn by Gujarati Women. This Gujarati style drape is a go-to choice for many Indian Women. Brides have this drape as their favourite one either with a short pallu or a long one. The sarees worn as this drape is Banarasi saree, Patola sarees, Bandhani sarees or Lehariya sarees. 

Gujarati saree drape

4. Pant Style Drape

This is one of the latest and new draping styles. This is a trendy saree drape that is breaking the old styles of saree draping. This is very easy to wear and looks glamorous. It is perfect for receptions, cocktail parties and also looks best as wedding outfits. As a bride, this would be a perfect choice for you mehendi function.

pant style saree drape

5. Dhoti style Drape

This style is similar to a Pant style saree drape. It is a mix of traditional and modern styles of draping sarees. This style has been popularized by various actresses who have worn this style in various award functions and rocked the view. 

Dhoti style drape

6. Belted Saree

This style is inspired by traditional waist chain on bridal sarees. Thin belt, broad belt, or even a cloth belt can be worn over the drape on the waist. This style even got inspired by the celebrities who chose this style as their outfit. 

Belted saree drape

7. Saree On a Skirt 

When we can try a saree on pants, then why not a skirt? This skirt saree is a very interesting drape. It is perfect for bridal sarees or even as a wedding guest saree. It has a saree draped in a unique way over a skirt. 

Saree on a skirt

8. Lehenga Style Drape

This style is worn with a simple drape of arranging single pleads across your waist line and taking the pallu either in a regular way or Gujarati style. As a bottom you can wear a fancy lehenga to give it an elegant look. 

Lehenga style saree drape

9. Bengali Style Saree Drape

The white and red special sarees look very pretty when it is draped in Bengali style. The way they put the keys on the end of the pallu to finish the Bengali drape is very exotic. We can try it on their special length saree or even with a regular saree. Bengali cotton sarees are a great choice for this style.

Bengali style saree

10. Maharashtrian Saree Style 

It is an intricate drape with a longer length saree which look very beautiful when it is worn with Nauvari sarees which are the speciality of Maharashtra. They pair it with a traditional nose pin which is a mandatory accessory on this style. This style was worn by Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone in the song "Pinga" From Bajirao Mastani. 

Maharashtra style saree drape