Famous Rajasthani Sarees

Rajasthan is considered as one of the most popular tourist destination in the north-western region of India. It is a home to some of the most amazing sarees of India. The world famous Bandhani prints, Leheriya sarees and even the light weight Kota drapes have said to been originated from this state only. The sarees originated from this state is recognized for its light weight and bright colors. Because of the extreme hot weather conditions prevailing in this state, most of the fabrics used are breathable and are best suited for summer season. Rajasthani sarees are also famous for its block prints, screen prints and Bagru hand painted varieties. People fall in love with these sarees and they also feel that they should learn more and more about these sarees and varieties. 

                 Importance Of Rajasthani Sarees

Importance of rajasthani sarees

Rajasthan is the textile hub of India. It is the largest producer of handmade sarees in the Country, which is recognized for its colors and varieties. The origin of Rajasthani sarees dates back to many centuries where the artisans used to create beautiful embroidered sarees specially designed for the Royals. The skill involved in creating these amazing designs have passed from generations-to-generations. The present generation are adding a temporary touch to the sarees and creating a more versatile look by having the same base created by the older generation. These sarees have amazed many International tourists who buy these sarees as a tradition of carrying a Rajasthani saree back home with pride. 

Features Of Rajasthani Sarees

Features of Rajasthani sarees

  • These sarees are designed in bright colors and multi-colored fabrics.
  • They are extremely rich in display.
  • They are perfect for all occassions, be it a daily casual wear or a Royal wedding.
  • They are made with cotton, silk, wool, to create an eye-catchy design.
  • They come with attractive patterns like Bandhani, Lehariya, etc. 
  • Originally Rajasthani sarees use block prints to create a beautiful design. 
  • Depending on the place of origin like Udaipur, Pali, Jaipur, the color variations and design set-up differs from place to place. 
  • They are very light in weight. 
  • They are easy to maintain because they have a strong color combination which does not fade. 

                    Types Of Rajasthani Sarees

                                 1. Rajasthani Kota sarees

These are one of the most popular saree varieties in the market. The classic color for this type of saree is orange color combination. It comes with a beautiful floral print all over the body of the saree and a zari border. It is very light weight and has a translucent look. It looks best when it is paired with a orange coloured raw silk blouse. Usually Kota Cotton fabric is used to make the saree. The major demanded design of this saree is the one which is orange coloured printed Kota saree with  a golden border.

Rajasthani Kota Saree

2. Leheriya sarees

These sarees are one of the most popular sarees among the varieties of the rajasthani sarees. The stunning dual shaded pink leheriya saree is the most versatile among the leheriya sarees and they are the most demanded one. The speciality of this saree is the bright blue border with gota patti work. Wear it with a bright blue blouse to give a complement look. To steal the show in which you are going just pair it with statement earrings. Usually chiffon material is used to make this type of  print. It is usually suitable for any day event.

Rajasthani leheriya sarees

3. Rajasthani Chunri sarees

These sarees are the most loved ones worldwide. The white and red Rajasthani chunri saree is the most classical demanded saree in the world. The body of the saree is designed with white colour and the pallu and the border with brught red colour. The body of the saree has a bandhani print and the border has a contrast combination. It is embellished with a silver lace border. Usually chiffon material is used to make this type of saree. It is preferred for all the day events and is suited as a perfect ethnic wear.

Rajasthani chunri saree

4. Rajasthani Print Saree

These sarees are opted more because these are more practical for everyday use. The violet color saree with a beautiful Bandhani print on the body of the saree is the most demanded one. Pair it with a white blouse and you are ready for any day events or as an ethnic wear. Usually,chiffon material is used to make this type of saree. Only simple accessories are used because this print itself gives you a bold look. 

Rajasthani print saree

5. Rajasthani Embroidery Sarees

If you are looking for an embroidered sarees, then you should go with a one originated from Rajasthan. This saree comes with a subtle embroidered motifs on the Pallu and work on the pleats. The best color combination for this saree is off white with a orange Pallu. A velvet green design elevates the beauty of this saree and the lace floral border acts like a cherry on the cake. Usually, Georgette material is used to make this saree. 

Rajasthan embroidery saree

6. Gota Work Saree

Gota Patti is one of the signature designs of Rajasthan. The Royal designer saree is created with lehariya work and a glamorous pink border with Gota Patti work. This design has small Gota motifs embellished all over the body. It is paired with a pink colored blouse and silver accessories to give a full fledged Rajasthani look. This saree is the best for any rajasthani wedding. Chiffon material is used to give the best look. 

Gota Patti saree