Types Of Blouse Designs

As Every woman has different style of wearing clothes, she will look perfect only when she wears something that will compliment her body. Therefore, the stitching and design of the blouse one chooses is very important. the perfect shape of a blouse will be dependent on it fitting on parts such as shoulder, neck, arms,etc. The stylish, contrasting or matching blouses look beautiful with the Indian outfits like Anarkali, Lehnga or Ghagra Choli. 

blouse design

1.Square and Round Neck Blouses

These blouses are most common among the types of blouses.They are the best type of blouse because it can be worn by both short and tall women.It can be designed according to the tastes and preferences of the woman and it is best suited for any occasion.

square and round neck design

2.Chinese Collar Blouses

This design of the blouse is best for women with long necks.Even bollywood actresses love to wear this type of blouses. This type of blouse design is adapted from the International market. It is worn only on grand occassions. 

chinese collar blouse

3.High Neck Blouses

This blouse is perfect for women with long neck. A light weight fabric is used to design this blouse because it is close towards the neck part of the body. When women wear this type of high neck blouses, they usually wear a head gear which will look amazing and will also give them a princess look. 

high neck blouse

4.Puffed Design Saree Blouses

This design gives a different approach to off-shoulder blouses. Puffs are attached at the end of the sleeves. Usually, cotton fabric is used to design this type of blouse. It is perfectly suited to women with broad shoulders. 

puff design blouse

5.V-Neck Blouses

The V-cut design is given at the back of the blouse. This blouse is perfect for occassions like weddings and receptions. Usually it is made in golden and maroon color to give it an elegant look. Brocade fabric is used to make this type of blouse. 

V neck blouse

6.Boat-cut Blouses

This blouse is usually worn on a casual occassion and it looks best in pink color with golden border. Raw silk fabric is used to design this blouse and it is worn with Georgette and Net sarees

Boat cut blouse design