Types Of Indian Outfits

In India, the clothing varies widely from region to region and from culture to culture. It changes from ethnicity, geography,, climate and cultural traditions of the people of each region. India also has a great diversity and variety of weaves, fibers,colors and materials of clothing and therefore traditional clothing of India is highly recognized everywhere. Sometimes color combinations are also used based on the religion and rituals concerned.The traditional clothing of India combines a wide variety of Indian embroidery, prints, handwork, embellishments, and various styles of wearing clothes. A wide mix and match of traditional and western clothing can be seen in India.

Different types of Indian Outfits

              1. Saree and Wrapped Garments


Saree is the one of the most beautiful Indian Traditional outfit. Women of India love to wear sarees of various types and varities. Every region of India has a speciality in the field of saree making and also wearing. Sarees in India are made with variety of colors and beautiful designs. It ranges from 4-9 meters in length. This is draped over the body in various styles. These varieties include:- Sambalpuri saree from East, Mysore silk saree from Karnataka, Kanchipuram of Tamil Nadu from South, Paithani from West and Banarasi from North and many more. The most common style is for the saree to be wrapped around the waist. Teenage girls wear half-sarees, a three piece set which consists of a lehenga, a choli and a stole wrapped over it like a saree. The traditional production of handloom sarees is important for the economic development of India.

saree and wrapped garment 

                        2. Mekhela Sador

mekhela sador

Mekhela Sdor is traditional dress of Assam which is worn by women of all ages.In this type of traditional dress, there are three main pieces of cloth that are drapes around the body. The bottom portion which is draped from the waist is called the mekhela. It is a very wide cylinder of cloth that is folded into pleats to fit around the waist and is tucked in which is in the form of a sarong. The folds are at the right side which is opposed to the pleats in the style of Nivi which is then folded to the left. The top portion of the three piece dress is called the Sador. It is a long piece of cloth that is tucked from one end to the upper portion of the Mekhela and the rest draped over is around the rest of the body.This Sador is tucked in triangular folds and a fitted blouse is worn over it.

Mekhela Sador

                           3. Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez

Salwar kameez is one the most popular traditional dress for women of India. Salwar is the lower garment which is incorporated in Punjabi style, Sindhi Suthan style, Dogri Pajama style and the Kashmiri style. It is a traditional dress incorporated from Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. It is also called Punjabi Suit and is common in North-Western region of India. This also includes churidaar and kurta assembled together which is also popular in Southern India. It consists of loose trousers which is narrow at the ankle and topped by a tunic top. Women generally wear a dupatta or a odhani with it. The material also differs from design to design. But usually cotton, georgette,silk and chiffon is used.

Salwar kameez 

                             4. Anarkali Suit


This traditional dress is made up of a long frock style top and has a slim fit bottom. It is extremely desirable for women located in Northern India and middle east. It comes in different lengths and embroidered including floor length anarkali styles. These are also opted for weddings which are heavily designed and embroidered. They are also worn on many other locations like casual events, traditional festivals, anniversary functions, etc. The upper top of this dress which is usually referred to as kameez cam be sleeveless or with sleeves ranging from cap to wrist length.

Anarkali suits

                        5. Lehenga Choli

Lehenga Choli

A ghagra choli or lehenga choli is the traditional dress originated from Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is also worn by punjabis during their performance of folk dances. It is a combination of lehenga, choli which is  tight fitted and a long skirt which is normally pleated. It is usually embroidered or has a thick border at the bottom. Acholi is a blouse, which is cut to fit to the body and has short sleeves with a low neck. It comes in various ranges ranging from a simple cotton to daily wear and from traditional ghagra embellished and worn during Navaratri for the garba dance. It is usually worn on weddings also.

Lehenga Choli

                               6. Pattu lehenga

Pattu Lehenga

This traditional dress is originated from South India and is usually worn by teenage girls and small girls. The skirt worn as a bottom garment is usually of silk that hangs from the waist to the toes. It normally has a golden border at the bottom to give it a rich look. They wear this traditional dress during traditional occasions and festivals. Girls from Rajasthan wear this before their marriage. It is usually worn in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, as well as in some parts of Kerala.

Pattu lehenga