Types Of Lace Designs

From daily wear to wedding gowns, Lace is an all time favourite fabric for dress making. There are many different varieties of laces available today. Nowadays, almost all the laces are made on machines that is why it has become an affordable fabric. 

Types Of Laces-

                                      1.Embroidered Lace

In this type of lace, a delicate embroidery is done on a mesh background. It usually contains floral designs all over the fabric. Normally threads are used to make the lace fabric with the sewing machine. 

embroidery lace

2.Chantilly Lace

This lace is considered as the most beautiful and delicate lace of times. It has fine floral designs which are outlined with silk threads. It is usually done on a net background. Originally, only black silk thread was used but nowadays this lace is available with variety of colors. The net or mesh on which the work is done is extremely delicate so that the designs stand out and look versatile. The embroidery is done hand-in-hand with the outline. 

Chantilly lace

     3.Alencon Or French Embroidered Lace

It is a beautiful lace fabric which has a net background and raised motifs wit beads. The outline of this lace is done with a heavier silk fabric. The combination of net and silk creates a beautiful design, hence making this lace as one of the most elegant laces. This lace has a raised platform. We will find authentic french designs on the lace. 

                                                    Alecon lace

4.Venise Lace

This lace consists of floral or geometric designs all over it. This lace work is not done on a mesh or net fabric like the other laces. This embroidery or button hole stitches are done on a cloth which distinguishes it from all other laces. This lace is also known as Guipure lace which means a lace without any ground mesh. It is one of the most expensive laces found in India. When this lace is placed on a big fabric like gowns or sarees, the cloth becomes extremely gorgeous and looks very unique. 

venise lace

5. Lace Applique

Single motifs are placed on this type of lace rather than a single whole design. This is considered as a small lace fabric which is then placed on another fabric to compete the design. This lace can be purchased as a single lace separately or it can also be purchased after it is placed on a big fabric. The designs put on this lace is very small therefore a lot of concentration is required while making this type of lace.

Lace Applique

6.Edging Lace

In this lace one edge is made in a straight line and other in a scalloped way. The straight edge is made with a thread whereas the scalloped edge is made like a gathering. It comes with a French beading with small openings through which thread ribbons can be added. The flounce type in this lace is very wide and a lot of space is given in between the design of the lace.

Edging Lace

7.Insertion Lace

This lace is considered as one of the most elegant and beautiful laces. This lace is stitched between two fabrics. The edges of this lace is made with a same design and a different design is placed in between. The edges of this lace is stitched in a straight line. This lace is then attached to the main fabric in the edges only because this lace is considered best for borders only. Sometimes zig-zag stitch can also be used in the edges of this lace.

Insertion lace

8. Swiss Entredeux Lace

This lace is made like a ladder with holes spread evenly. This lace is made on a cotton base. It is placed in between the lace and the main fabric. It is usually in a length of a strip which has plain seams on either side of the embroidered ladder.  Sometimes it is also buttoned next to the lace and is then joined with a zig-zag stitch. 

swiss entredeux lace

9.Crocheted Lace

In this type of lace, Irish crocheted lace is considered as the most famous one. This is the only lace which is made by hand today. This is considered as one of the most oldest type of laces. As it requires more manpower, this lace is considered as very expensive. This lace has its own originality and is usually inserted on sweaters, or on woolen clothes. It is very elegant and beautiful as it can be purchased separately as a lace or it can also be purchased after it is placed on an end fabric. 

Crochet lace

10.Tatting Lace

This lace is also called as Shuttle lace. This is a special delicate handmade lace. This lace is made with knotting technique with a special cotton thread. The knots of warp and weft threads are created with a tool called shuttle. Very small and fine designs are created with the looping and knotting process of tatting. This lace is used as edging of handkerchiefs, collars, pillows, etc. 

Tatting lace

11. Ric-Rac Lace

This lace is made in a zig-zag pattern. This pattern is usually made in cotton and silk. This is used as accents, edging or insertion in a seam. This lace is stitched between the pieces of fabrics. The one side of the lace is shown to the front side of the fabric and the other is hidden inside. 

Ric rac lace

                                            12.Nylon Lace

This lace is a synthetic lace. It is very commonly used because it is considered as the most affordable lace than those naturally woven laces. They come with a straight edge on one side and mostly scalloped edge on the other side. You also get imitation laces of this type. This lace is an artificial lace made by embroidering cotton or polyester on a fine silk ground. 

Nylon lace