Types Of Necklace Designs

If you love dressing up, you will definitely know the importance of necklace to your outfit. It can either create your look or break your look. Therefore, the choice of the necklace is very important. For example, you can plan up a plain black dress with a chunky pearl necklace, or an oxidised silver necklace can accessorise your kurti. Therefore, it is important that you get your necklace right, the next time you step out for an event. 

                              1.Opera Necklace

Opera Necklace

It looks best with deep neck gowns or blouses. It comes with a length of 26-36 inches which can be styled in different ways. You can wear it as a single strand with high necklaces or double it up to look like a two-strand choker. You can knot it up to create a vintage look for a cocktail party. It is usually worn on formal evening wear but it can also be worn on your casual outfit to make it stylish and give a versatile look. 

2.Multi-Colored String Necklace

Multi colored string necklace

It looks best with white and light colored kurtis or tops. It is very simple but a very lovely piece which looks great with all kinds of outfits. This is considered as a madley of colors which can add an unexpected twist to your plain, white or light colored outfits. It can be worn on any occassion like a beach party, or a brunch.

3.Thread Necklace

Thread necklace

It goes really well with sarees, suits, kurtis, etc. It is one of the most stylish necklaces ever which comes in a variety of lengths, ranging from 14-20 inches. It is made of colorful threads which is tied in knots to give it a unique look. It is mostly paired with oxidised silver pendants. Be it a saree, suit, or fusion this necklace can go well with any Indian outfit at any time of the day. 

4.Bib Necklace

Bib necklace

It looks great with deep neck blouses, tops or kurtis. As the name suggests, this necklace gives you a look which is same like a bib. It is a very trendy necklace which can replace the winter scarves. You look perfect when you wear it with your favourite top or kurti. If you are wearing this to your work place, then wear a simple outfit to look trendy and different. 


Choker necklace

It looks great with all types of outfits. It comes with a length around 14-16 inches long and these necklaces are worn close to the neck. This classic piece goes well with everything from casuals to formals evening wear and it compliments almost all types of necklines. This can be worn on an official meeting paired with a silk blouse as well as with a western dress for any party. But it is considered best when it is worn with a stone pendant accompanied with a rich maroon saree. 

6.Collar Necklace

Collar necklace

It goes well with dresses which have turtle necks, boat necks, V-necks and off shoulder outfits. It is also called as crew necks. These come in lengths ranging from 12-13 inches long. It is usually made up of three or more strands of pearls and kundans. It encircles your neck just around the collar area. It can be worn on any occassion but it is preferred to be avoided on casual occassions. 

7.Princess Necklace

Princess necklace

This necklace goes really well with high as well as plunging necklines. It is considered as one of the most common necklaces. It comes in a length ranging from 17-19 inches. It is available in light designs as well as heavy designs. It is a great piece of jewellery for every occasion. Princess necklace with light design can be worn with a saree, suit or kurti whereas a heavy one could be worn on weddings or on special events. 

                          8. Matinee Necklace

Matinee necklace

It looks great with plunging necklines. It comes with length between 20-22 inches. This necklace is often made with stones or beads. It comes with a pendant also in a length of 20 inches, which is tied towards the neck. But this type of necklace is reserved only for plunging necklines. 

  9.Plastron Necklace

Plastron necklace

It looks great with solid color suits, tops, or kurtis. These necklaces are very heavy and cover the entire area of the neck. It looks really great with evening parties. This necklace is made with pieces of glass and it looks best on simple suits, kurtis or tops. This necklace grabs the attention of the people on any occassion you wear and go.