Types of Necklines

There are a number of factors that determines the success of the garment. Without a doubt, neckline is one of the most important factor that persuades anyone to buy the garment or not. The choice of the neckline is also dependent on many factors like shape of the face, shoulders, neck type, etc. Everyone chooses the neckline based on their comfort and which will suit their look.

Types of necklines

                         1. Asymmetric Neckline

In this type of neckline, one side of the shoulder is left bare and there is one strap running on the other side of the arm. It creates a fashionable look and is very effective in a plain color which depicts the design of the neckline more nicely. 

assymetrical neckline

                          2. Boat Neck

This is considered as one of the wider types of necklines. It is very graceful when it is worn on a simple dress. It is also called 'Bateau' neckline sometimes. It is placed just below the collarbone. It looks very elegant when it is accompanied by a simple necklace.

Boat neck

                            3. Cowl Neck

This neckline is for the people who are looking for something soft and draped. This neckline has extra fabric in the cut to allow for drapes in the neck area. This neckline looks good on all sorts of body shapes. It looks similar to stretched fabrics and sweater knits.

Cowl neck

                            4. Collared Neck

This neckline has features of a collar into the neckline. This neckline is a staple in most of our work wardrobes. Collars can be pointed, rounded or asymmetrical and is available in various heights. It usually has a buttoned front.

collared neck

                            5. High Neck or Turtle Neck

This neckline is best suited to a person with a long neck. It starts right under the chin and wraps around the neckline area. It usually has excess fabric that can be folded down according to your height. It helps in keeping the body warm in winter.

turtled neckline

                             6. Choker Neck

This neckline has a piece of fabric attached to the shoulder and goes around the neck and gives a look of the choker necklace. It is very different from wedding-band-neckline in the sense that it has a gap between the neckline and choker and then it is attached to the straps.

choker neckline

                             7. Jewel Neckline

This neckline surrounds and encircles the entire upper part of the body. The clothing with this neckline has no sleeves. It is considered good for any occasion. This neckline is somewhat rounded without a collar. It is featured on both men's and women's dresses.

jewel neckline

                            8. Keyhole

In this type of neckline, there is a teardrop or a circular opening in the neckline, usually in the front and fastened with a button. It is not very common nowadays but it gives a nice look in whichever form it is worn. 

keyhole neckline

                            9. Off Shoulder or Bardot

Off shoulder or bardot is one which has more straps over the shoulder and the shoulder is totally bare. This type of neckline is very trendy and is stitched in blouses, tops and in almost all garments. Nowadays it is easily available and is not very costly.

off shoulder neckline

                10. Crossover Halter Style Neckline

In this type of neckline the straps come from the sides and crossover each other at the front or back side in a halter style. This is considered something which is very great and is not  very common. It can be purchased from big brand retail stores and is not very costly.

crossover neckline