Types Of Saree Fabrics

The clothing industry has taken an international framework in the market. Even sarees have evolved from being everyone's favourite which can be worn on every occassion. But one of the secret that people do not know about sarees is that they are made with wide range of fabrics having its own set of unique richness. The choice of material of the saree becomes very important for the overall look and feel of the saree. The way of draping the saree is also highly dependent on the material we choose. 


The most common material of the saree is cotton. It is highly recognized for its comfort and style. It is commonly worn by women on everyday basis and there are tremendous varieties in this single fabric. They usually come in bright colors and is highly suitable for summer season. The printed cotton sarees are considered as highly fashionable by the Women. 

cotton saree


Silk sarees have become an integral part of Indian fashion. It is another beautiful saree fabric which is highly recognized for its various varieties and its weaving style. The overall look of the silk saree becomes very distinctive due to its royal look. There are also many mixed fabrics like silk on cotton, cotton on silk which becomes even more beautiful and royal when it is worn by women. There are many versions of silk saree like Gota, Tanjore, Patola, Jamawan, Dupion, etc. 

silk saree


Synthetic fabrics like crape, rayon, and Chiffon are ideally worn by people who are not regular saree wearers because of the elaborate fall and the pallu of heavier sarees. They are known for their heavy weight and the soft material. 

sythetic saree


Net fabrics are now becoming a trend in the global market. They are embroidered and are considered fit for celebratory occassions like wedding, receptions, etc. 

net saree


It is considered as artificial fabric because it is made from twisted yarns of rayon, polyster or nylon. It is considered best because of its durability and softness. It can be worn on all occassions. It looks very royal when it is worn with a designer blouse. 

georgette saree