Types Of Saree Prints

The act of creating textiles with various types of prints is said to have been started from 12th century. India is famous for its own set of beautiful prints to be printed on fabrics. They are printed with various combinations of colors, to give a vivid and elegant look. Advanced technology is used to give the print on the fabric with the use of elegant colors. 

saree prints

1.Block Print Saree

This print of the saree is considered as one of the most classiest designs among the other types of prints. Indigo and white color combination is considered as a classical combination for this type of print. This saree is pinted carefully with various block designs feature various nature inspired symbols. It gives the perfect desi look when it is worn. Usually cotton material is to print this design on saree. 

Block print saree

2.Floral Print Saree

This design is the most popular design in today's world. The subtle grey color is considered best for floral prints. Usually georgette material is used to pint this type of design. It gives a very classic and fine look when it is worn. It can be worn for any occassion like Brunch, Kitty parties, etc. 

Floral print saree

3.Striped Print Saree

Striped saree are now becoming a trend, especially black and white striped sarees. It expresses a sense of style and trendy look when it is worn on any casual occassion. Usually crepe material is used to design this type of print on the saree.

striped print saree

4.Bandhani Print Saree

It is one of the most popular Indian sarees. The demand for this print is increasing day by day for its different and beautiful look the saree gives. This saree is usually manufactured in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Punjab. It is considered best for festive occassions and it is designed in very beautiful colors. 

Bandhani Print saree

5.Patola Print Saree

This print has its origin from Patan region in Gujarat. It is made by weaving a double ikat on fabric. It is usually made in fabrics like cotton or silk. It is considered on of the most expensive sarees till date. Each thread is separately dyed to make this print and therefore it demands alot of hard work. 

Patola print saree

6.Batik Print Saree

This print is one of the oldest prints of ancient times. It has its origin from tie and dye technique but it is slightly changed in modern times. Instead tying of the fabric, it now uses wax to create beautiful patterns and designs on the cloth. It is usually appreciated for its use of vibrant colors to create the design. 

Batik print saree


7.Kalamkari Print Saree

This print depicts the art of drawing with a pen. The distinctive point about this print is that it is made by using natural colors made from natural extracts. It inculcates different abstracts, floral prints and animal prints in the design of the saree. It is one of the most inspiring prints among the prints design in India. 

Kalamkari print saree

8.Ikat Print Saree

It is one of the oldest forms of textile printing.It is a dyeing technique through which this design is created.The yarns are dyed before weaving them into fabric.It requires immense skill of the craftsmen to line the threads in place.It is said that the less is the design blurry,the more it requires skill and time and that is considered the most expensive sarees among the other sarees made with tie and dye technique.It is popularly made in Gujarat and Telangana.

Ikat print saree